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ZenOhmSphere is unique, in that it delivers classes, one-on-one therapy sessions and Yoga Spa Day Retreats, which incorporates water both internally and externally. The added advantage being, we are based between the stunning Jurassic coast, a World Heritage Site on the English Channel coast of southern England, award winning Bournemouth/Poole beaches and the idyllic New Forest National park.

The aim of ZenOhmSphere is threefold;

  • To relax, revive, restore and re-energise the body through the practice of Yoga, Pilates and Chi-Restore.  The asana practices and supple body moves have a profound effect on the mind, making it more relaxed, poised, centred and peaceful, while keeping the body flexible.
  • To promote the healing properties of water as an integral part of the body’s internal/external health and wellness, by drinking alkaline Kangen Water, and through cleansing and purifying the body with quality exfoliation salts to aid the detoxification process.
  • To serve participants in an uplifting environment created to reflect an ambience of warmth, comfort, relaxation, calm and bliss, which enhances healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Classes are non-competitive, slow, yet energetic with cardiovascular output and the emphasis on lengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility. Each class ends with a Yoga Nidra Relaxation session. Participants are encouraged to pace themselves as Sri Swami Satchidananda said, ‘take it easy, but not lazy’.

Sri Swami Satchidananda the spiritual founder of Integral Hatha yoga, emphasised harmony among people of all faiths and races. One of his favourite sayings was, “truth is one, paths are many.” He believed that we are all one in spirit and once we find it within ourselves, we will recognize it in others. Participants at all levels are welcomed to join the classes and day retreats.

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